Leaving Home!

Leaving Home is just a regular routine. My profession demands it. Leaving Home has never been an easy thing in spite of being smitten by a wanderlust. But when I know it is inevitable, I generally tend to reconcile and accept the way things are and look forward to what lies ahead. Everything else generally […]

Water To Drink

It had been months since I have had been depriving myself of the huge quantities of water that I drink. The reason was that my sipper had broken due to fair wear and tear over a long period  of time. The habits one develops leads to the consequences- both good and bad. This time the […]

The Mornings

Thank my stars for the lovely mornings which are a result of me getting back to old habit of getting out of bed at four. By half past four I am off on my bike – an ideal time when there is little traffic on the roads and enough quiet to hear the chirping birds […]