I Want Help But I Can’t Beg

Grateful that this happened today.  I stopped at the medical store so that my wife could pick up some medicines. As soon as she got out of the car I made a scheduled call to my brother. I did not notice that an old man had walked up to the driver’s window and was waiting […]


One of those days when you don’t feel great. On such days it becomes difficult to find gratitude. There are all the reasons to feel gratitude on Sundays which happens to be my second best day of the week after Saturday. But then such days are also essential to make one know the value of […]

At Ease On Sunday

It was a Sunday that I enjoyed. Thankful for the wisdom not to overeat. Thankful that there were people who showed the patience to accommodate the idiosyncrasy of the way I work. Thankful that my better half  managed to find certain documents that I was not sure where I had kept.