The Revival

Change is the only permanent thing in one’s life.  To avoid the change is like limiting the imagination. Just like imagination, change cannot be contained in any form possible. Just like time cannot be stopped, change also cannot be stopped. Things change with time, often in such subtle ways that we do not realise.  Not […]

A non-cheesy guide to gratefulness: What to read and watch

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Gratefulness isn’t always something that comes easily. Below, some reading and watching to get you into a thankful headspace. Watch: “Want to be happy? Be thankful.” This TED Talk from David Steindl-Rast is the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer. In it, the Benedictine monk and interfaith scholar talks about what, exactly, it means to be grateful and offers…

An Expressive Face

A lot of people have told me that being expressive is not the best thing. By that measure I stand on the edge of a great disadvantage for I am told that I have an expressive face. Thankfully I realised that it is not true at all. Courtesy the expressions of my face I was […]