Finally To Inking Words

It had been a long (almost lost) dream that I start writing. Then, due to the vagaries of the life’s daily rigmarole, I had almost lost it. Until recently, when I got introduced to a lovely group of writers who were happy to accommodate me amongst their fold. is the place to express my views […]

Leaving Home!

Leaving Home is just a regular routine. My profession demands it. Leaving Home has never been an easy thing in spite of being smitten by a wanderlust. But when I know it is inevitable, I generally tend to reconcile and accept the way things are and look forward to what lies ahead. Everything else generally […]

Water To Drink

It had been months since I have had been depriving myself of the huge quantities of water that I drink. The reason was that my sipper had broken due to fair wear and tear over a long period  of time. The habits one develops leads to the consequences- both good and bad. This time the […]

The Revival

Change is the only permanent thing in one’s life.  To avoid the change is like limiting the imagination. Just like imagination, change cannot be contained in any form possible. Just like time cannot be stopped, change also cannot be stopped. Things change with time, often in such subtle ways that we do not realise.  Not […]