An Opportunity For Mindfulness

I am grateful that I managed to I had the opportunity to crawl out of the rigmarole of being busy without being productive.

Some things are subtle to some people. For me everything that was hard work was good. Not true always. The same translated into being busy. Over a period of time, it led me to keep busy in the mundane things and go on the procrastination mode on the important ones. This led to the focus being totally off, me getting a little cranky, productive work suffering, so much so that the self-esteem got affected. Now that was bad. This a situation that needs to be best avoided. This often starts when the mindfulness gets to very low levels. For me, the cause of mindfulness falling low was over exposure to the digital media – from iPhone to Android which has replaced my tab to the MacBook Pro to the windows desktop and then back to the iPhone. Whenever it got a little too much I switched o the TV. That was even worse, for there is absolutely no personal value in TV. This is a vicious circle which is all consuming, at least it was for me.

Then came a day of realization and a couple of holidays for me to contemplate and focus on where I was losing my happiness. Those two days I decided to be off the digital media except for the essential phone calls. It was a great exercise in mindfulness for me.

That did it for me, thankfully!


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