Leaving Home!

Leaving Home is just a regular routine. My profession demands it.
Leaving Home has never been an easy thing in spite of being smitten by a wanderlust. But when I know it is inevitable, I generally tend to reconcile and accept the way things are and look forward to what lies ahead. Everything else generally falls in place.
This time the things a bit different though. In fact a lot different. Am I getting old? Or is it merely wisdom dawning on me? I can’t say right now.
But, as I sit in the airplane trying to capture the sunset there are many things bumping around in my mind. These things are the questions which create a perception of uncertainty, a perception that will take time to go away this time.
Meanwhile, I must speed start working on what lies ahead. Time ahead will soon be time now. If I manage to come up with a good plan, I would be able to feel that gratitude. Gratitude for generating value not only for myself but also for those who hold me dear.
### My prayers seek that generosity from God today.


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