The Revival

Change is the only permanent thing in one’s life. 
To avoid the change is like limiting the imagination. Just like imagination, change cannot be contained in any form possible. Just like time cannot be stopped, change also cannot be stopped. Things change with time, often in such subtle ways that we do not realise. 

Not that I have been averse to change buy the near ftailure to adapt to it seems devastating – almost as if the relevance of existence ceases to make any sense. That was what I had been going through – avoiding adapting to the changes all around to such a degree that the relevence seemed to have been lost in oblivion. 

All this while there was no control of mine. I had not desired it, nor had I anticipated it. Never saw it coming. When it hit me I was knocked out of my senses. When you get knocked out, you realise that things happening all around cannot be controlled. 

Good that it happened. It is a realisation that things are required to be worked upon to matter and have the desired effect. Hope the experience gives me the impetus to stand up and move on – the journey call still be made a beautiful one. Nothing that’s lost is lost forever. 

Grateful in the right earnest. 


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