The Monk Mode

It has been some time since I wrote anything on this blog.
In fact I haven’t written anything at all for quite some time now. The time was a break to see the way things are and the way they should be. Just like a painter takes a short break from painting to critically examine his work I wanted to be observing myself without expressing myself. Expressing myself may lead to masking my real self. It is true. Hence, the thought out break from posting anything on this blog. The outcome has not only been a shocking revelation but has given me enough pointers to enhance mindfulness.
These are some things that I have not been very careful with, in fact rarely anyone is absolutely careful with. I won’t include monks in this group! The retrospection has led me to believe that the good will emerge from mindfulness of monks. I call that the
‘Monk Mode’. The advantages of getting into the Monk Mode, which I perceive affect the way one moulds the character.
Moulding character – sounds funny, no?
Well, not really. Here is how.
If I am mindful about my thoughts I know what would be my actions. This of course is the most difficult part.
If I am thoughtful about my actions I would be generally aware of my actions being right bit wrong. Relatively easier, considering that thoughts are in a far bigger state of flux than actions.
If I am thoughtful about the right and wrong the outcome would not be as painful. This is the easiest part considering that it is the outcome of my actions.
All this happens continuously. It is the mindfulness that builds character.
All this while, when I had decided not to express myself, I made a deliberate attempt to confront myself, to confront my thoughts and to audit my actions. The actions have been the easiest to control while the thoughts were the most difficult. And, everything in between has had a varying degree of difficulty.
The end result – getting into the Monk Mode is a great thing to happen if I can achieve it.
Thankful for this outing with myself.



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