The ‘Cloud’ To The Rescue!

It all started on the twitter, spreading on to Facebook and then the day was full of smiles and that is how the birthday ended.

Wanting to sent out the post, I realized that I had been stupid to have changed my mobile number without actually cross checking where I had stored the 2 step verification codes. The stupidity amplified itself when I decided to format my phone – again without bothering about the backup codes. Technology is a double-edged thing. I did my level best to recover but then nothing worked – most of the afternoon felt a waste of time. As all good surprises i decided to clean up the cloud a little bit and behold the blessed codes were all there. Grateful for the timely lesson of the day – it’s mindfulness that matters.

Thankfully for the cloud services I ‘am able to write this post today. Feels good. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The ‘Cloud’ To The Rescue!

  1. Wow! Sends the shivers to re-live what you described… guess, its the phase when it is best to tread the beaten path in the Comfort Zone that one is now used to… Well described. Take to writing in a big way, I still say!

    • Sir, Just about managed to save the blog. Hope to be a little more mindful in the future.
      As regards taking up writing in a big way – will take a while. Thanks for the encouragement.

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