The Gods Above Are Always On The Watch

Everyone is fighting a war of (her)his own and all this while (s)he is being watched by her or his Gods.

There often are times during these personal wars, when the folks start thinking that if the Gods above are watching then why they are not helping with things going wrong down below. I have often passed that line when doubts crop up. Thankfully, the Gods have always been there, for they are always there watching us from far above and far beyond, even when we start doubting if they can help at all. Had they not watched me, I wouldn’t have had such a good walk through my life so far. The moments that made me feel that my Gods had deserted me, were also the moments granted to me to be a stronger and a better guy.  I thankfully, remain convinced about my Gods always watching me all the time – through my thick and thin, through the good times and not so good times, throughout  my war at the personal level.I have started suspecting that it is the same Gods above who make us feel deserted, probably that is the only way we learn to be better folks.

I feel the gratitude towards my Gods for being watchful enough to make my life a pleasant walk in the woods.


3 thoughts on “The Gods Above Are Always On The Watch

  1. There are lots of gods, but when a person may find the real True One God he or she will find even more satisfaction and happiness and shall be able to look forward to a greater life than the one at the moment in this era.

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