A Case For Less Salary

Funny isn’t it – the more money we have, the more we spend and the greater is the fire to spend more.

Contemplating about the years gone by, I think all that much more money means greater desire to spend. This makes us consumers of the worst kind, spending when we actually do not need to. Finally reaching the stage of indulgent consumerism – when we spend without reason. Feel good that I have been granted an opportunity to look back and say that a whole lot of spending was not such a good idea after all. As I earned more, I spent more without reason. Most of it was still for a requirement, but a good chunk was for sake of it, I saw everyone around me buying new stuff all the time. Buying new things when old were still good, buying more things when they were actually not required. Vicious cycle it is – only some get the wisdom to get out of it. Less salary gives greater power to control one’s desires, while higher salary give wings to desire, pushing the human element out to make space for an indulgent consumerist. Thankfully, I have been able to see the reason to get out of it. I now know how I should handle the next raise in salary. Spending would be defined by the requirements rather than the amount of money I would have. Life can’t be lived chasing and comparing salaries,  it is far more than the sum of all the money I will ever see. It seems a good idea to live as if I never got a raise – not for the sake of saving, not for posterity either, but for the simple reason that requirements are different from desires.

This is my case for lesser salary.


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