Bon Fire


Bon FireIt was decided that we have a Bon fire. There was no reason but then the celebration of life does not require a reason or a date to just let the  hair loose.

We all decided to collect a little late for my so-called ‘happy hour’ – nine in the night is late even on a normal day. This day was a cold one. I had my inhibitions and had almost decided to ditch the get together – I have always detested late night outings. When I finally landed up, I was late. Old songs were playing in the background while folks were enjoying their drinks. The mood seemed nice.

I smiled my willingness to indulge  and picked up my drink, settling down comfortably next to the fire. Surprisingly, the fire had managed to chase away the biting cold and it felt cosy sitting around the it. The lovely melodious songs of yester years added to the mood. It really felt good sitting around a fire in the cold of the night and chatting away, sharing experiences, cracking jokes mindful of the  flow of  life –  slow and firm.

Time flew by and I surprised myself  being still awake when I saw my watch and realised that it was already past midnight. Time had slowed down to such an extent that I could be at ease with myself so much so that I had lost the sense of time. I was floating in the good memories of all the good people I had known and all the good that had happened in my life.

It was one of the best times I had in the past few months, a time that I would preserve as good memories, returning to it whenever the rigmarole of everyday life allowed. I feel grateful to the one above for the great time I had and to those around for the lovely bon fire.



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