Thanking The Sunshine And Warmth

The weather in Kashmir is becoming cold with night temperatures dropping to below freezing point – the verglas in the morning is a clear and precise evidence of the same. But the Sun is out everyday, granting us the pleasure of availing the warmth after the lunch. Feels warm and lazy and really good. The haze is increasing by the day and gradually making us feel that the Sun is losing its shine and warmth. As days go by, we would be yearning more and more for the diminishing sunshine and warmth of the Sun, which will eventually give way to the snow and the cold.

Whenever that happens there would be no more lazing out in the Sun after the Lunch. But till then, I and a few of my friends remain thankful for the Sunshine and the warmth of the afternoon Sun.


2 thoughts on “Thanking The Sunshine And Warmth

  1. Post lunch ‘ Sun Bathing ‘ and the company is what I am gonna miss…As I will be getting ‘ oiled ‘ in humidity and ‘ fried ‘ in sun down south….

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