Good To Be Pouring My Thoughts

I remember the good old days when I used to scribble my thoughts in a small scrap-book that I often carried. Sometimes the poetry come pouring in rushing thoughts and I had nothing to scribble on, except the paper napkin – well it felt stupid to let the words go unrecorded, especially, when I knew that these would not become difficult to recall. That’s how my drifting mind works. Those around me always thought me to be queer. But it so happened, that I never could bother. 🙂 Later, I would rewrite the words in my scrap-book to avoid the loss of those impulse stream of words through the loss of a frail paper napkin. Well, the things have considerably changed in the digital world. The smart phone is always there and often comes handy instead of the blotting napkin paper. It feels good that we have blogs to put our thoughts down. I can almost always have a feeling of gratitude whenever I switch on my laptop. The feeling of thankfulness  becomes deeper, when I realise that how many people are not able to do so. There are also those who have laptops but don’t have the time. Well, I feel blessed to be just able to pour my thoughts into something that can be recorded. 


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