Addicted To The Internet?

During all this while i.e. about two and a half months since I published my last post on this blog on 29th June,  I had decided that I should avoid the Internet. I knew the proposition was rather a difficult one, for I was addicted to the net as if my life depended on it. I knew that it was true to the contrary, but then the addictions are the way they are. I decided to give myself a small compensation and that was that I would allow myself to access the internet using my smart phone. This was just to ensure that I do not break down and get back to the Internet with all the harmful vengeance.

To a great extent I have been a success and to an equally great extent I have failed. But the gratitude comes from the fact that my endeavour has made me wiser. I also feel thankful that the bright idea of avoiding the internet has convinced me now, that I ‘am actually not addicted to the net. It’s all about the choices that I make. Now I know a few things and will remember these, least I start assuming that I ‘am addicted to the internet. Well the list goes something like this: –

  • The Internet is a great source of knowledge – so great that one can easily lose a lot of good time when one looses the focus and start visiting the websites which were never intended to be visited at the onset.
  •  If one is not mindful of surfing the internet with a definite goal then it will eat your time much more than one can afford.
  • Facebook  and twitter are meant for people who do not know what to do with their time. Well, I cannot deny that a lot of people are using the social network with a certain cause and effect. but mostly it is meant for time wasters. Best is to automate updates using tools like IFTTT.
  • Internet is always available for use, it is not getting exhausted (considering that you are like an average citizen who lives where the Internet exists!). This implies that you can use it whenever you want to – you don’t have to be on it 24 X 7.
  • Emailing is avoidable to a bare essential. I never felt the need beyond two emails over two and a half month.
  • Too much Internet is harmful just like too much alcohol – it affects your family life, time with friends, outdoor activity, reading, pursuing hobbies and a whole lot of goodies of life.
  • I now feel that the prolonged excessive use of Internet may lead to depression! 
  • Too much of watching the small screen will deny you watching the good things of life, like the blue sky, the far horizons, the eagle in flight, the dogs playing in the street, the expression on a child’s face when (s)he is playing hide and seek, the changing colours of the distant mountains as the sun rises…………
  • Either you watch that movie with friends or you chat with friends on the Facebook. We all know what exactly is better, no?
  • Surfing the web is a very individual and a personal experience, something like meditation but on the other extreme of mindfulness.

Thankful that I learnt a few things by “doing it” rather than someone “preaching it”.  Though i did miss posting on this blog, but at the end of it all it really FEELS GOOD!



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