Sumner Time

Even God Loves To PaintThe place where I stay these days has a climate that hardly requires the use of the ceiling fans, for it is cold most part of the year. Today was one of the few days when I noticed the hum of the ceiling fan doing its job to keep the cool. It felt good when memories of long summer days from my childhood came rushing back. The days were so long that we had all the time to do the things that kids of that time loved to. Then there was enough time to laze around too! 

The Summer vacations allowed me to do what I like all kids wanted to do – exploring the nearby woods,  chasing butterflies, jumping around the numerous mango trees, splashing in the pool and so on and so forth. The cool milkshakes and, mango shakes were enjoyed as much as the games we kids played. The time stood still, when I used to lie down with my brother in the freshly mowed grass, staring into the azure sky wondering where the clouds was drifting to. Then we would pick up one puff of cotton in the azure sky for each of us and cheered them on till all was quiet. Sometimes I would watch the vultures flying so far above and feel awed by the fact that they rarely flapped their wings, yet reached the distant clouds. It made me  wonder that they would be seeing me lying in the grass thinking what exactly were I up to. Those were the days when we had a life and we lived rather than merely existing. There was always time in all hustle-bustle to live. 

 There is something that adds a touch of melancholy when I compare the Summer Time from my childhood with the Summer Days I live today. But there are smiles of the good times I had as a kid – something that I will always remain grateful for, to my parents, childhood friends, my brother and cousins. Grateful for granting a quick flashback to the great life of a happy kid that was me.   


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