Lovely Saturday

 Gazebo In WintersToday I feel good to have been able  to counsel a couple of subordinates to mend their wasteful ways and I feel that I was as successful. I was able to help one of them to get rid of his drinking problem – if not fully at least to a great extent.  Feel grateful to the God above to have sent the snow and listened to the prayers of the local folks. The Day passed at it’s own slow pace giving me enough time to contemplate about mindfulness. Thankfully, got the impetus to start developing a new website. Feeling motivated and great. Also realized that the promise to myself for sleeping in a disciplined manner for seven hours every night from ten to five needs to be kept. Considering the way things are that would be an achievement.  I ‘am thankful of sensing the negative ideas creeping inside the mind and then brushing it aside to see the goodness of other things around. Thankful for the way the day went by.


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